A personal stylist can take some of the stress out of your daily life! How can this be accomplished? Engaging the services of a personal stylist will give you the skills to understand you, your body shape and how to create a personal style. Personal stylists are trained professionals who can identify a wide range of body issues. They will supply the information you need to dress correctly and flatter your shape.

Have you noticed that on some days people remark on how well you look. A color workshop with a personal stylist will give you an understanding of which colors and tones work well for you, enabling you to select from a palette of hues that enhance your whole appearance.

Everyone is different! You may be a “pear shape” however one variety of pear can be very different from another. While an understanding of body shape and color is invaluable a personal stylist can go further. They will analyze your personality, tastes and lifestyle and help you discover the a look that is fashionable and right for you.

A wardrobe analysis with a personal stylist will identify the pieces that work well for you, and those that don’t. Some items will be retained, others reused and some rejected. Following a review of your wardrobe you will be given a shopping plan listing the key pieces you need to purchase. This strategy takes the guesswork out of shopping. You can then spend your dollars wisely on items that will mix and match, creating outfits that you will love to wear. Each of us has a budget to work to, and an personal stylist can guide you in building a functional and stylish wardrobe which works within your means. The informed selection of key pieces will form the basis for a long lasting stylish wardrobe.

A personal stylist is aware of current trends and fashions and how they can be worked into your wardrobe framework to keep you looking fresh and up to date. Knowing your best colors and personal style will make shopping for individual accessories fun and cost effective. The right choice of a current handbag, jewelery or shoes can totally transform an outfit! A personal stylist knows exactly what to buy and where to find it. Shopping becomes a breeze as you will have a professional assistant giving the right advice, not a well meaning but uniformed friend, collaborating with you on your purchases.

Special occasion dressing can be fraught with difficult decisions. A personal stylist is trained in the etiquette and protocols of many situations. They can help you to coordinate an appropriate outfit for any function or special event. You can then relax and enjoy the occasion having confidence in your appearance and style.

When you fully comprehend your personality, style, colors and body shape then the fun begins. Shopping will become a positive experience. You can use your time effectively towards building a wardrobe that says to the world that you are a confident stylish person.