We all know that the majority of web site host service companies provide you with storage facility on which you can host your websites. We also know that a large number of these site host companies allow you to host one domain, which should be enough to create a single website for someone with limited budget. These hosting service providers will even provide support in setting up an email address so that you can act as a real company.

So this is what I knew about web hosting companies when I started in internet marketing.

But what I did not know when I began developing websites is what to look for to buy a web host service. I had no idea what were the questions to ask the site host service provider. What were the most important criteria that I needed to take into account before clicking onto the pay here button. And I can tell you, I have made a number of mistakes, hence lost substantial amount of money.

I was basically, a perfect target for the web host companies. I wanted to start developing websites, but with no knowledge of the peculiarities of host services.

In essence the large majority of site host companies do not consider providing customers like you and me with more services for our investment.

So after buying a couple of hosting services myself, I realised that I was making the same mistakes again and again. I therefore decided to summarise the bits and pieces that I needed to look for before ever purchasing a new web host service.

The below is what I got to as my basic web hosting needs. This is by no means my complete list of services I look for when I purchase a web hosting service. However, this list allowed me to narrow down my most important criteria that I must find when I buy a hosting.

1- A web hosting service must provide you with unlimited storage. Like this you can store your videos, pictures and other large files onto your hosting site. Having unlimited storage allows you to avoid storing videos on third party hostings.

2- The web hosting company should allow you to host unlimited domains. This means you can create as many web sites as you wish providing that you purchase the domain names. By using the above feature and this one, you will be able to develop an unlimited number of websites in as many niche markets as you wish. You really need to make sure that this feature is available as many web hosting companies provide you with unlimited storage, but do not allow you to host more than one domain unless you pay a further fee.

3- A web site hosting service that will support multiple email service. In this case you can create an email account for each and everyone of your website, hence allowing to portray a strong company image to your potential customers and website visitors.

4- Your web host company should provide you a newsletter management system, where they help you develop, manage and email your own newsletter. This is incredible how many people forget about this feature. But let us think a bit about the newsletter. If you have a web site, then a newsletter would allow you to keep in touch with your customers on a regular basis. If your web host company do not provide you with a good solution, then you can always use an external service, but you will lose your company / entity / firm when sending your newsletter out.

5- Following up from point 4 above, check for an auto responder service that is infinite. An unlimited auto responder will allow you to create a set of emails (say 10 emails) and then these will be sent automatically as per your set up. In other words, you will be able to send emails to your potential customers automatically and this even in your sleep. If someone subscribe to your website, then they will become your prospect and your autoresponder will start sending an email each day or an email following a sequence that you would have selected.