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One of the biggest ways to save on air travel is by cashing in your air miles. One way you can get air miles is by just getting the airlines air miles account that is always free or by getting a credit card where each dollar you spend adds up to a certain amount of miles. One thing I love about using credit cards as a way to get miles is I have 3 different credit cards one which I get miles, one I get hotel discounts, and another one I get cash back.

For everything I buy I use the cash back card and then to pay that one off I use the hotel card and then to pay that one off I use the mileage card. This way I get to maximize the one dollar I spent 3 times. This method works really well and I get at least one free trip each year with many discounted trips just for using this method.

I hope you can see how important getting air miles can be to your wallet. For a trip from the East Coast to the West Coast you need around 6000 miles which if you had an average credit card that gave miles you would need to spend $6,000 in order to get a one way ticket for free. That is a lot of money but considering that you probably spend that much in less than 3 months on rent, groceries, gas, bills, and anything else you can pay for a round trip ticket for you and a spouse each year. And remember you also get air miles on the flight that you take even when using mileage as a form of payment.

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