Sometimes, and for purely aesthetic reasons, we try to get a shoe that arouses our interest in its design but that is difficult to adapt to our foot. The truth is that a good shoe is such that in that type of cases we could face a series of problems. The use of a comfortable shoe is of vital importance and today we will show you why. We will also provide you with some recommendations.

It is very important to use good footwear because the feet support all the weight of the body. It is important to remember that it is a complex part of our body because of its bone structure, joints, ligaments, nerves and so on. It is an extremely delicate area and prone to injury. Footwear has the mission of protecting the foot from any circumstance outside

Good footwear directly affects the well-being of the foot and directly affects the proper functioning of the joints, as well as the spine or neck. Many of the deformities of the feet and the pathologies of the locomotive and circulatory system are the consequence of having used a bad footwear during a long time.

Recommendations for good footwear:

-Breathable material.

-Soft leather and fabrics.

Sole of soft and flexible material

Suitable number.

Shapes adapted to each foot.