Women who travel alone for work or pleasure should always keep a personal alarm system close by in case the find themselves in any uncomfortable situations. Crime rates all over the world have been steadily increasing through the past several years, and it is important to know the different types and features of personal alarms.

The idea of a personal alarm is to disorient and scare away an attacker, giving you enough time to get away from that area and hopefully to a more crowded place and seek safety. When people turn their alarm on, it emits a loud sound. This alerts everyone in the area that someone is in trouble. The sound is different from commonly heard alerts. When researching the different types of alarms, you need to make sure the sound is over 130db. At this level, the alarm is loud enough to sound over car alarms, car horns, and normal traffic.

Most personal alarms can fit into the palm of your hand, and are usually small, and light enough to carry on a key chain or in a purse.

Although the sounds emitted by a personal alarm do not tend to vary much, the best sound to find in an alarm is a continuous shrieking noise that is over 130db. This sound level is important because passers by will be able to hear it over any other noise which may include heavy traffic. If there are people in the vicinity when an alarm is going off, even if they don’t investigate themselves, there is a good chance that someone will call the police. Also, bear in mind, that any attacker is less likely to hang around once you have activated your alarm for fear of being caught.

By adding a personal alarm to the items that you routinely carry about your person, you will no doubt be helping yourself should you be attacked. However, remember that a personal alarm itself is not a save all option, you will still need to take reasonable precautions in any given situation to help make yourself more secure.