Food gift baskets are extremely popular, as they cater to all occasions and can be customized according to individual taste. Food gift baskets are ideal personal or professional gifts because they provide ample opportunity to achieve a unique assortment of food items catering to all times, occasions and seasons. These tastefully adorned and thoughtfully picked gastronomical delights enjoy universal appeal.

Food baskets prepared with handmade kitchen delicacies are ideal gifts for all family occasions, as they add a personal and intimate touch. Being homemade, they are inexpensive gift options. Food baskets can be prepared with certain themes, events, occasions or persons in mind. Some special family food item, accompanied by recipes on exquisite recipe cards, candy sticks tastefully decorated and wrapped, and jams, jellies and an assortment of simple breads are among the plethora of ideas for preparing personalized food baskets. One can prepare food baskets with a specific diet plan in mind, or a breakfast food basket complete with a bread cutter. Wine, brandy or some other beverages can accompany other items. Special fruit baskets for children, with chocolate, candy, cookies and pastry delights, can also be prepared. You can also make food gift baskets for a certain special individual who enjoys special kind of foods. The basket should be ideally covered with transparent cellophane paper and decorated with ribbons, or in any other creative way.

While preparing a food basket one should ensure that only quality products are included. It’s always better to include non-perishable items like cookies, nuts, breads and unfrosted cakes. Perishable items like meat (unless it is canned or smoked meat) should be avoided. Many ready-made food baskets include exotic food items, like smoked fish, pecan cakes and other gourmet delights. In such cases, speedy delivery within a day is very crucial.