CBS is an American open television network, which had its beginnings as a radio station, owned by the CBS Entertainment Group division of ViacomCBS. It is the third largest television network in the world, behind the American Broadcasting Company (ABC) and the Brazilian Rede Globo. The network is sometimes referred to as the “Eye Network”, in reference to the shape of the company logo, which represents an eye. It has also been called the “Tiffany Network,” a name that alludes to the high quality of programming perceived on CBS during the tenure of its founder, William S. Paley (1901-1990).1 It may also refer to one of the first color television demonstrations by CBS, which was held in an old Tiffany & Co. building in New York City in 1950,2 which would attract the name “Color Broadcasting System” during a time when such a feat was innovative. [citation required]

The company is made up of several divisions: television, radio, news, sports and entertainment, among others. CBS supplies its programming to more than 200 independent and 5 of its own stations in the United States, as well as to other affiliates in foreign countries.